The Major Benefits Of Using Toilet Paper Made From Bamboo

When we talk about selecting what type of toilet paper will be best for your bathrooms, and then there are basically three kinds. You can get hardwood virgin pulp tree toilet paper, the bamboo toilet paper, or the recycled toilet paper. If you wish to know which option is more suitable and best, then you should just buy bamboo toilet paper. This kind of toilet has many benefits to it. Not only it is hygienic, but it is also very soft.

Following are some of the major benefits that one can achieve from the bamboo toilet paper.

1. Stronger, cooler, and softer.

If a toilet paper is not soft and smooth, then it can be a little bit tough to cooperate with it. But, when we talk about bamboo toilet, it is not only soft but it is also strong. Most toilet papers tend to break while using but this one does not. Using toilet papers for longer lengths can cause breakage, but bamboo toilet paper is like soft steel. For it being soft, it is very easy to use it in the bathroom. When you take a look at these advantages, you want a toilet paper exactly like that and you always go for bamboo toilet paper because it is the best.

2. Cut down deforestation

The recycled toilet paper and the hardwood toilet paper, both of them have different origins from different trees which take up a certain period of time to grow. On the other hand, it is very obvious to guess from which tree the bamboo toilet paper is made from, the bamboo tree. Research has shown that the bamboo forest trees grow 30 times faster as compared to other conventional forest trees. Bamboo is a very special type of plant. Once it has been harvested, there is no need for re-plantation as it will grow automatically again. Bamboo is a very beneficial resource because it produces 30% oxygen and absorbs almost 35% of carbon. 

3. Safer to use than the recycled tissues

If one wants to buy eco friendly toilet paper, then bamboo toilet paper is your go-to. If we compare the making of recycled toilet paper with the bamboo toilet paper, then there are a lot of shocking facts. The recycled tissue paper is created with de-inking agents, brutal chemicals like the BPA and lots of others. Hence, it is not skin or environmental friendly to use them. A lot of skin problems can be caused from their usage. But, if we talk about bamboo tissue paper, then it is odor resistant, hypo-allergic, antifungal, and antibacterial. 

4. Biodegradable

Bamboo tissue is pure biodegradable. When it is flushed down the toilet, it breaks properly. Lots of other toilet papers cause blockings in the drains because they don’t break in the water. Drain blocking is a huge problem and it does not go away easily. But, using bamboo tissue paper can be drained easily and doesn’t cause any blockage.